How To Get Rid of Back Pain Quickly

Get Rid Of Lower Back Pain

Back pain can invade every aspect of your life. Sometimes, inherent back pain makes it impossible for you to exercise properly. It keeps you from getting a good night’s sleep. Often, when you begin a new exercise regimen, it can lead to back aches and pain in the muscles. Whatever the cause, many people are uninterested in turning to over the counter or prescription remedies for their pain, which is entirely understandable. In truth, it is unnecessary to go to such lengths, as there are plenty of natural ways to get rid of back pain quickly – and we have the top 10 of them right here.

Get Rid Of Lower Back Pain

Top Ten Factors To Get Rid of Back Pain Quickly

1. These methods are by and large simple, but there is a reason for that. Typically, back pain is caused to soreness in the muscles, and believe it or not, that is good. When pain is caused by an exacerbation of the muscles, it can be eliminated much more easily. Tight muscles, muscle spasms, and things of that nature can occur surprisingly easily – and they can also be treated easily.
2. Icing down the area that hurts is a tried and true method. This method is particularly ideal if you have only been in pain for a few days. The ideal ice treatment involves applying an ice pack or cold pack to the afflicted area for twenty minutes at a time. Taking a cold shower could be helpful too! You want to exercise caution, however, and make sure you do not give your skin an ice burn.
3. Similarly, heat is a blessing to sore muscles, especially in the back. As with the ice method, you want to apply heat to the afflicted area of your back for twenty minutes at a time. Many people have luck alternating the ice with the heat.



4. You can use either hot towels or the more traditional method of a heating pad. A hot bath is great, or a hot shower, especially if your shower head comes equipped with a massage pulse. Believe it or not, you can eliminate a lot of back pain simply by drinking plenty of water.
5. When your body is hydrated properly, then it will also heal more quickly.
6. In a similar vein, for number four, we have potassium. Eating foods that have plenty of potassium or taking a supplement of the essential vitamin is great for your body. Again, it will also speed up your body’s ability to heal itself, so your back pain will be relieved quickly.
7. Massage is a great way to naturally get rid of back pain, and you can actually do it yourself. Lay down on your back, either on your floor or another firm surface, and then place a tennis ball beneath your back where the pain is the worst.
8. Keep the tennis ball there for about five minutes before moving it to another sore area. This will improve your muscle circulation, and that in turn eliminates pain. There are a variety of yoga poses that can help with preexisting pain.
9. Even better, doing yoga will help you to take care of your muscles, so that you will be far less likely to have pain in the future. Prevention is always the best cure. Contrary to popular belief, remaining supine will actually make back pain worse. Your seventh treatment option involves staying in motion.
10. Do not do anything extreme, but taking a walk or going for a swim will really help sore muscles. That being said, rest will be necessary some of the time. So, last but definitely not least, you are encouraged to make sure that when you are in bed or simply sitting down, you choose the most comfortable position possible.


Few Exercises To Get Rid of Lower Back Pain

Exercises To Get Rid of Lower Back Pain

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