Review of the Body Beast Fitness Training Program

When beginning the Body Beast Training course you are recommended some supplements, including whey, creative, proteins and carbs in powder form. In addition to a solid dietary plan, these supplements can maximize the results of the fitness training program. Having said that, there are probably outlets out there that will provide these supplements at a fraction of the cost you will have to pay, buying them from the Body Beast suppliers. The package offers the supplements for an additional price and will also include 3 bonus workout videos in addition to the basic package. This is best left up to the individual. Because I already have a functioning diet and exercise program I stick to, I felt confident with the basic package and stuck with that. A certain amount of fairly basic equipment is required to follow the routines illustrated in the Body Beast fitness training Program. Although it’s not a lot, I imagine it could be pricey buying all the necessary equipment brand new. Lucky for me I had some of the stuff already lying around, the push-up and chin-up bars. I spent an afternoon welding together a decent bench and purchased the barbells at a garage sale for $35.

The course is split up into three phases.

Phase 1: BUILD

Phase one spends between 30 to 50 minutes giving specific attention to BUILDING one of the major muscle groups; these are chest and triceps, legs, back and biceps, shoulders and cardio. Each muscle group benefits from 30 to 50 minutes of individual attention

Phase 2: BULK

Phase two of the Body Beast program focuses 30 to 50 minutes on BULKING up the following muscle groups more specifically: the chest, legs, back, arms, shoulders and ABS. Again, each of these muscle groups receives special attention.

Phase 3: BEAST

Once the first two phases have been completed the program has one last phase to complete called the Beast Phase, this is pretty much just a combination of some workouts from the first two phases to bring muscles to that valuable point of failure, which it will do if followed correctly. I am very pleased to say that after three months of dedicated participation in the Body Beast Program I did notice several important benefits. First of all, I noticed a good amount of muscle development, which is a great improvement as I have been training consistently over the past few years and have almost gotten used to seeing progress in very small amounts by this time.

I also gained a good amount of weight which in my case is a very good thing. The increase was small but monumental; I went from weighing 215 lbs to 234 lbs in, what is for me, record time. My strength also improved greatly, I went from pressing 300 lbs flat to pushing 380 lbs, Think I might do another round to hit the 400 mark. These are also results from a guy who, after spending a good amount of time in the fitness world, has gotten used to seeing small results- must be a body type thing- I believe the results for others may exceed these. There was however one major flaw I noticed in the routines provided by the ; there was not nearly enough time given to effectively stretching and warming up the muscles for powerful exercise. It was actually pretty scary!

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